I Haven’t Been Posting Cuz I’m Traveling Around Russia Playing Music/Teaching

It’s a pretty lame excuse and all, but at some point I sorta forgot this blog existed. And then I remembered but I was busy and I didn’t post anything. And then I had a good idea and started writing a post but then I had to leave on this current month long trip I’m […]

To Berlin: Westward via Pole and Deutsche

part four in a potentially complete documentation of Keith Birthday’s travels in January: part 1, part 2, part 3 linked respectively I had taken the tram to the outskirts of Krakow. Like many European cities I have been to, the outer edge of this city resembled American strip mall suburbs. Large stores surrounded me on […]

Poland II: Plz Throw Bottles Out The Window/Whoa Foxes are Big/Smoking Krakow/’Conchume’/Kinda Don’t Want to Leave

part three in a surprisingly still continuing series by Keith Birthday. who knew he would have made it past part two? I wonder if people who lived in Europe this winter will tell their children/grandchildren about the ‘great blizzard of 2010’. Although it seemed like a relatively reasonable amount of snow to me/my travel companion […]

I Visited Seattle Once When I Still Lived on the East Coast

It was a little more than year ago when I visited Seattle my friend Dan with the idea that I would write an article about it. The article didn’t get published. I decided to edit and post it, with added commentary from an older, wiser self currently residing in Seattle. It’s like I’m reviewing myself! […]

Poland I: Warsaw/Beatbox Maracas/Wait We Understand Polish?/Where the Milk Bars at?

part two in an apparently ongoing series about Keith Birthday’s recent travels through Europe. part one here It was probably the most absurd thing that I had seen/heard in a while, the ‘DJ’ in this Warsaw basement bar was making a ‘shicka-shicka’ sound into the microphone in rhythm to the music, in what appeared a […]

h8 u Ezjet (Easyjet)

I am a tolerant traveler. I never ‘get angry’ when planes are delayed in order to ‘score free tix’. I think that’s unethical. I can deal with a lot when it comes to being inconvenienced in order to fly somewhere on the cheap. but I hate EasyJet. I have flown them twice now (one round […]

Berlin I: This Club is Legend/Disappointing Music/Grrrlz on E?

This is the first part in a (hopefully) ongoing series in which Keith Birthday will recount some of the more interesting moments of his recent travels through Europe. We had put on our ‘best threads’. We expected to stand in line; he had heard so much about this ‘awesome warehouse club’ and how it was […]