I Haven’t Been Posting Cuz I’m Traveling Around Russia Playing Music/Teaching

It’s a pretty lame excuse and all, but at some point I sorta forgot this blog existed. And then I remembered but I was busy and I didn’t post anything. And then I had a good idea and started writing a post but then I had to leave on this current month long trip I’m […]


I got out of the train, stepped out into the evening cold. I was in ‘Taiga’, the city named after the forest, or perhaps vice versa. This city connects Tomsk with the Trans-Siberian line. I had two hours. I walked up onto the overhead crossing in order to snap a few shots with my cameraphone […]

Poland I: Warsaw/Beatbox Maracas/Wait We Understand Polish?/Where the Milk Bars at?

part two in an apparently ongoing series about Keith Birthday’s recent travels through Europe. part one here It was probably the most absurd thing that I had seen/heard in a while, the ‘DJ’ in this Warsaw basement bar was making a ‘shicka-shicka’ sound into the microphone in rhythm to the music, in what appeared a […]

Introducing Keith Birthday/Some Silly Things About Russia

Hi friends, I’m the newest blogger to be added to the ‘all-star roster’ here at RubPawPress. My name is Keith Birthday. José has mentioned me on this blog several times. I’ve never met Aaron, but apparently I seem like a ‘tenured bro’. I don’t look anything like either of the aforementioned writers on this site […]