I PLAYED A CONCERT IN TOMSK (Google Translate Experiment)

I played a concert in Tomsk. People came. I made some money. Some girl interviewed me after. I was really happy that I successfully was interviewed in Russian. Then she wrote this article (excerpt) За год в России он научился хорошо говорить по-русски, и перед каждой композицией на концерте озвучивает небольшие комментарии к ней. Большинство […]

Some of the greatest times I’ve never had (and the music that would have accompanied them)

Driving barefoot from Albuquerque to Santa Fe on a summer’s day, thunderheads in the distance (music: Richmond Fontaine, Thirteen Cities) Lying in the cab of a pickup truck with hs sweetheart as the sun sets on makeout point (music: Built to Spill, There’s Nothing Wrong With Love) Driving cross country through a midnight snowstorm (music: […]

An article tenuously related to the keywords ‘prayer’ and ‘music’

Lately I have been experimenting with alternative methods of income generation. In one of these experiments, I contacted a gentleman (via Craigslist) who needed writers for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In this case, SEO meant writing articles tenuously related to their purported subject for the purpose of directing people to sites and gaining ad revenue. […]

An Interview With A Guy Who Plays In Some Famous Bands

I met Eric through Keith on a South Philadelphia roof deck. My first impression of him was, “wow, he plays with famous people”. Like this guy: He also seemed to have a cool / easy job, sorting records or something like that. He also had toured the world with Adrian Belew (see above). He played […]

Some Thoughts

In the aftermath of “LINGATE 2k9”, my hits have dropped precipitously (see below) Though I Often Question Gorrillavsbear’s picks you should to to their site and listen to the song “Don’t Lie” by the Mantles. Unless you hate electric twelve string guitar. In which case, I don’t want to know you. (picture via) The Stranger’s […]

An Idea I Stole From Deerhunter’s Blog

Heather Hunter Virtual 7″ 1. Heather Hunter 2. The Thing That I Said The Last Time