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Went to the food bank today

I wasn’t scheduled to work so went to the food bank today (oh, now it’s yesterday). This was my second trip to the food bank and my first alone. My first trip was with my roommate, a food bank veteran. She had a meeting at nine and could not make it. I decided to forge […]

José Asked Me to Return the Favor and ‘Workshop’ One of His Poems

Something like a continuation of the past two posts where José and I ask each other to ‘workshop’ each other’s writing. Sort of like a bloggy circlejerk. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ from FIREWORKS Trading sips, water Tent blooms cloud And blue Powder and Floodlight Cars pass and stop sometimes Somebody gets out maybe With a kid “These are buy […]

Revisiting a Poem I Didn’t Really Like, but Read for a Russian Audience Anyway

I wrote this ‘poem’ on November eleventh, a few days after I had a party at my apartment: ‘If it weren’t so cold, we’d probably have an epidemic’ This party in my apartment has been fossilized cuz the bottles are still all over the floor and table the windowsill too like an image I can’t […]

h8 u Ezjet (Easyjet)

I am a tolerant traveler. I never ‘get angry’ when planes are delayed in order to ‘score free tix’. I think that’s unethical. I can deal with a lot when it comes to being inconvenienced in order to fly somewhere on the cheap. but I hate EasyJet. I have flown them twice now (one round […]

Live At Rainy Dawg Radio Vol. 2 (a Review)

I went to see Tiny Vipers last Friday. On the way out I saw that the table that I had seen empty was now staffed with bright eyed college folk—actually I heard someone call my name and looked to see my drummer tabling for his college radio station (check out “Genital Discourse”; also check out […]