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Ages Of Musical Success Achievement As Compiled By A 23 Year Old Musician

I was talking with my bud S. Funkee in the building which houses the practice space where I practice. We could hear other bands playing loudly. He said something like, “that’s the sound of a building full of people trying to make it”. We hadn’t made it yet, so he made a list of people […]

I bought this record today; it is good

I went to Porchlight Coffee today to give my roommate her wallet, which she had forgotten. She made me a latte and after I drank the latte and read this week’s “Last Days”, I saw that there were records for sale in the coffee shop. I looked through a few records and found this record. […]

Sort of liveblogging Joanna Newsom’s “Have One On Me”

I found out that NPR was streaming Joanna Newsom’s new album in its entirety. Before finding that out I knew that a track from the album, “Good Intentions Paving Company” (I think) was available for download on Drag City’s site, following a cryptic blog entry bearing the date 2/23/10. My initial reaction to the song, […]

An article tenuously related to the keywords ‘prayer’ and ‘music’

Lately I have been experimenting with alternative methods of income generation. In one of these experiments, I contacted a gentleman (via Craigslist) who needed writers for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In this case, SEO meant writing articles tenuously related to their purported subject for the purpose of directing people to sites and gaining ad revenue. […]

Arrington De Dionyso(Old Time Relijun’, Malikat Dan Singa) shares secrets of the universe, tape can’t handle the truth.

I am obsessed with obsolete media, I can’t help it.  I have a relic heart.  But that being said, I try to capture human interactions on tape.  The tape player I was using for this interview could be considered ‘wonky,’ ‘a sham,’ ‘ill equipped/prepared.’  But I defend it; for as a relic heart, I fear […]

I will be alone this Valentine’s Day so I made a mix for another blogger and in return received a mix, which is posted below

This Could Be Love    Alkaline Trio No One’s Gonna Love You    Band of Horses Love Song    The Cure This Modern Love (Dave Pianka’s Making Time Remix)    Bloc Party Space Age Love Song    A Flock Of Seagulls Lovefool    The Cardigans I Believe In a Thing Called Love    The Darkness Why Can’t There Be Love    Dee Edwards […]

I Wrote a Travel Essay That Won an Award

I lived in India for ten and a half months. I came back for six weeks as a student of Anthropology. The second experience led me to write an essay that later won a writing contest sponsored by Temple University’s International Studies Program. I have decided to reproduce it here as part of my ongoing […]

Live At Rainy Dawg Radio Vol. 2 (a Review)

I went to see Tiny Vipers last Friday. On the way out I saw that the table that I had seen empty was now staffed with bright eyed college folk—actually I heard someone call my name and looked to see my drummer tabling for his college radio station (check out “Genital Discourse”; also check out […]

Authorized Repost Of Drummer-Generated Facebook Content (Some Thoughts Regarding Female Vocalists)

I play in a band that has a drummer. Meet Nathan: Terrible Canyons of Static Nathan goes to College. He DJs a show on his college internet radio station called “Terrible Canyons of Static”. I see Nathan in places I don’t but should expect to see him. He wrote the following as a Facebook note. […]

An Interview With A Guy Who Plays In Some Famous Bands

I met Eric through Keith on a South Philadelphia roof deck. My first impression of him was, “wow, he plays with famous people”. Like this guy: He also seemed to have a cool / easy job, sorting records or something like that. He also had toured the world with Adrian Belew (see above). He played […]