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Introducing Keith Birthday/Some Silly Things About Russia

Hi friends, I’m the newest blogger to be added to the ‘all-star roster’ here at RubPawPress. My name is Keith Birthday. José has mentioned me on this blog several times. I’ve never met Aaron, but apparently I seem like a ‘tenured bro’. I don’t look anything like either of the aforementioned writers on this site […]

Introducing AAron. The Part You’ve Been Waiting For.

So, ice sufficiently broken, I’m going to tell you about myself now. It’s 20X, and I feel good.  More than good, I feel comfortable enough to say I have I career.  I am a writer. I grew a Hemingway-esque beard. I bought this Thesaurus: Amazon says, “the imagery of Bartlett’s quotations adds breadth and depth […]

Introducing AAron. Most likely Pt. 1

Hello, my name is AAron.  I am Jose’s Bro.  Not his brother, even though his mother thinks we look a like.  (I wouldn’t mind using photos of us both here.) [No Problem—The Editor] I’m not as tenured as bros like Keith Birthday, or other Philly/Seattle bros, but I’m his bro none the less. I am […]