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An interview with mythical third founder of Rub Paw Press / poet / student Drew Kalbach

Drew Charles Kalbach is a poet and student. I had a class with him my last semester at School, with the teacher I shared with Jackee. This, however, was a different class, one not attended by Jackee. But Jackee and Drew knew each other; she would talk about him to me. When she talked about […]

Arrington De Dionyso(Old Time Relijun’, Malikat Dan Singa) shares secrets of the universe, tape can’t handle the truth.

I am obsessed with obsolete media, I can’t help it.  I have a relic heart.  But that being said, I try to capture human interactions on tape.  The tape player I was using for this interview could be considered ‘wonky,’ ‘a sham,’ ‘ill equipped/prepared.’  But I defend it; for as a relic heart, I fear […]

An Interview with Brandon Scott Gorrell, Creative Writer

Brandon Scott Gorrell is a writer of poems and stories. His last book, during my nervous breakdown i want to have a biographer present, was published by Muumuu House. I think I’ve seen it on sale at the Anne Bonny. I also saw it in the ‘zine rack at Healthy Times Fun Club. The book […]

An Interview With A Girl I Had Three Workshops With And Writes Better Poems than I

Jacyln Sadicario is  Psych Major and poet. I know her through our mutual attendance of poetry workshops in school, mostly administered by either Pattie McCarthy or Kevin Varrone. We also had one with Jena Osman. I hope they see this. When I moved to Seattle I got into contact with her again to attempt some […]

An Interview With A Guy Who Plays In Some Famous Bands

I met Eric through Keith on a South Philadelphia roof deck. My first impression of him was, “wow, he plays with famous people”. Like this guy: He also seemed to have a cool / easy job, sorting records or something like that. He also had toured the world with Adrian Belew (see above). He played […]

An Interview With A Girl I Met On OkCupid

I met this girl on OkCupid. She lived in New York and leaving for her hometown and I was in Philadelphia and leaving for Seattle. She has asymmetrical moles on her cheeks and identifies as “American”. She claims to have laughed at Tao Lin in an American Apparel. When we first corresponded (via OkCupid), we […]

An Interview with a Girl I Made Out with and Has Since Dated Two of My Friends and Now Dates One of Them

I was going to do my first Chat with friend and artist Lauren Comito—while I was strying to get a hold of her, I saw that Maggie on gchat. I sent her a video chat invitation, which she accepted. She had on her glasses and new black hair. She told me that she was transferring […]

The Face That Launched A Thousand Alts: An Interview with A Guy Who Played Guitar and Sang in My Band and who is Now Living in Siberia

I am chatting with Keith Birthday right now. I am chatting with Keith. Keith is in Siberia. This is the view out of Keith’s window in Siberia. I know Keith from Philadelphia. We met and played in each other’s bands, and now we are far away from Philadelphia. Keith was and is always much better […]