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Reasons I am searching for a job despite depression

I should probably be spending less time on the Internet In September my roommate quit his job and went to Scotland. He came back and didn’t look for work. He started looking for a job a month ago and now he has a job. I have been looking for the past three months. Wow. I […]

Reasons I am quitting my job in the middle of an economic depression

Because I’ve always wanted to try crystal meth Because 30K with benefits really isn’t that great Because my mom makes really good meatloaf on Wednesdays Because fuck high school reunions, anyway Because I don’t drink enough Because I am an artist (ie. spoiled yuppie scumbag with a college degree) Because I’d rather pay out of […]

I Wrote a Travel Essay That Won an Award

I lived in India for ten and a half months. I came back for six weeks as a student of Anthropology. The second experience led me to write an essay that later won a writing contest sponsored by Temple University’s International Studies Program. I have decided to reproduce it here as part of my ongoing […]