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Introducing the Seattle Show / Fun Stuff Calendar

Do you live in Seattle and sometimes feel disconnected from the other people who live in Seattle all around you? This happens to me sometimes, sitting in my chair in front of the computer alone in my room on a Friday night wondering what I am going to do with myself and in the end […]

I Gave Birth (Twice) and All I Got Was This Lame Blog Post a Day After My Birthday (Happy Birthday Mami)

Elba Ivette Rohena, Chair of the Special Education Department at Millersville University and proud (I think) mother and iPhone owner turned, ahem, 30 yesterday. Here is another picture of Elba Rohena. I hope it is OK that I am not on the road to becoming a lawyer or doctor. I think blogger should be enough, […]

A Note To Potential Employers // Exploratory Remarks RE: “Internet Culture”

To Whom It May Concern, If you are a hiring manager or human resources person who received a resume from José Díaz, you may also have been directed to this site. I have linked you to Rub Paw Press because I feel that it is the best example of what I have to offer as […]

The Blog That I Contribute To Is Back With A New Interface

McJawn has revamped their splash page with a sweet pic of Philly. It’s pretty! The tall one on the left has since been completed. It features a blog, a video blog, and two issues of a digital magazine. The front page of the blog is still entirely populated by my posts. Anyway, if you live […]

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