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On The Way Here

I accidentally typed “” or something and got half caught in a free prize/survey scam. Brendan I remember this blog. It was a good blog. Hope all is well. A real life update soon. Advertisements

I need to start posting more.

Hi all. I need to start posting more. Here is a list of this that I have done: Played music; toured with a band. Played my last show with a different band. Recorded live basics and overdubs with that band. Said goodbye to an inspired artist. Did some mixing. Left a corporate coffee job for […]

Ages Of Musical Success Achievement As Compiled By A 23 Year Old Musician

I was talking with my bud S. Funkee in the building which houses the practice space where I practice. We could hear other bands playing loudly. He said something like, “that’s the sound of a building full of people trying to make it”. We hadn’t made it yet, so he made a list of people […]

I bought this record today; it is good

I went to Porchlight Coffee today to give my roommate her wallet, which she had forgotten. She made me a latte and after I drank the latte and read this week’s “Last Days”, I saw that there were records for sale in the coffee shop. I looked through a few records and found this record. […]

Went to the food bank today

I wasn’t scheduled to work so went to the food bank today (oh, now it’s yesterday). This was my second trip to the food bank and my first alone. My first trip was with my roommate, a food bank veteran. She had a meeting at nine and could not make it. I decided to forge […]

Revisiting “Revisiting A Poem I Didn’t Really Like, but Read for a Russian Audience Anyway”

The following is a response, originally submitted via email, to Keith’s post about a poem he didn’t like anymore . He sent me an email saying that I should analyze the poem, write some thoughts regarding the poem, and then post my thoughts on the poem. I guess this is sort of like a workshop […]

I Visited Seattle Once When I Still Lived on the East Coast

It was a little more than year ago when I visited Seattle my friend Dan with the idea that I would write an article about it. The article didn’t get published. I decided to edit and post it, with added commentary from an older, wiser self currently residing in Seattle. It’s like I’m reviewing myself! […]

Sort of liveblogging Joanna Newsom’s “Have One On Me”

I found out that NPR was streaming Joanna Newsom’s new album in its entirety. Before finding that out I knew that a track from the album, “Good Intentions Paving Company” (I think) was available for download on Drag City’s site, following a cryptic blog entry bearing the date 2/23/10. My initial reaction to the song, […]

Photos found when typing ‘.jpg’ into spotlight

I was looking for photos that may or may not have been lost in the great ibook meltdown of 2009. Specifically these pictures were taken by me a little more than a year ago when I first visited Seattle meaning to write an article about it, a travel narrative. That didn’t work out; the article […]