Think it’s lol that this blog has died/Post return thoughts

I remember when this blog was alive and thriving, felt like Jose and I had a serious ‘we no longer live in the city but we’re really good blog friends’ vibe.
I guess that now I’m back in the United States and fitting in to the culture that surrounds me that I no longer feel the awkward backlash of being an outsider. As a result I think I’ve become less productive.
I guess that means the solution is to go somewhere where I don’t feel at ease again.

I think if I will move somewhere in the near future for an extended period of time it will be to Georgia (country).

while abroad I read a book by John Steinbeck called ‘Russian Journal’. I found two things particularly striking about it:
I. That Russians really haven’t changed since the 50s (not really a bad thing)
II. That Georgia sounded really awesome

The culture seemed super rich and inviting. I liked the idea of being able to visit ancient cities, sitting on stones that were still standing and over 1000 years old. That sort of thing is the type of thing I think is cool.

They also have a really bizarre looking language that looks foreign and new and beautiful and amazing. I haven’t really listened to it yet. This is what it looks like:

i love how it is so round.



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