I need to start posting more.

Hi all. I need to start posting more. Here is a list of this that I have done:

Played music; toured with a band.

Played my last show with a different band.

Recorded live basics and overdubs with that band.

Said goodbye to an inspired artist.

Did some mixing.

Left a corporate coffee job for a job in childcare.

Received a health care id days after my official resignation.

Fought to suppress urge to vomit, stuck in traffic to new job while listening to news on the BP disaster in the Gulf.

This is too bad considering how incredible the new job is.

Requested a transfer.

Helped screen t-shirts.

Almost quit smoking.

Split two pairs of expensive pants.

Bought more records.

Sent a guitar to repair only to find that the amp’s reverb no longer works.

Started drinking iced coffee.

Shortly wore earplugs to rehearsal.

Met and interacted with many incredible and fascinating people.

Deepened relationships with incredible and fascinating people that I already had met.

At some point came to accept the rain and even worse, Seattle as home.

Rub Paw Press, in hindsight, may have been a more of a thing to do while I didn’t have a job or any kind of musical life in the city.

I still feel like this is a good idea, and I’m happy that Keith is still contributing more or less on the regular.

I hear Keith is back from Tomsk.

I miss and love Philadelphia but at the same time understand that I cannot go back, not now.

Cleaned my room.

Allowed the cleanliness of my room to degrade to its current state.

Renewed my registration for Rub Paw Press.


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