I Haven’t Been Posting Cuz I’m Traveling Around Russia Playing Music/Teaching

It’s a pretty lame excuse and all, but at some point I sorta forgot this blog existed.

And then I remembered but I was busy and I didn’t post anything.

And then I had a good idea and started writing a post but then I had to leave on this current month long trip I’m taking through Russia with some other Americans. We have a banjo, a guitar, a mandolin, and a celtic harp. We are taking trains and buses for long distances in order to visit children and teach them about American folk music. So far it’s been super fun. It’s also nice to see more of Russia besides Moscow/St. Petersburg/various Siberian cities. This picture is of a time when we were standing outside the train at a stop but it looked more like a field and there were some cows there. I chose this picture because I think it represents Russian men really we re: clothes/squatting/trains. The train was very hot inside and I sweated there for 50 hours. That is why many men aren’t wearing shirts. Russian men also don’t wear deodorant. Imagine the smell.

It is paid for by the State Dept so thank you for paying your taxes and allowing us to to do this.

Of course we have a blog about it and that can be found here.


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