Monthly Archives: June 2010

I PLAYED A CONCERT IN TOMSK (Google Translate Experiment)

I played a concert in Tomsk. People came. I made some money. Some girl interviewed me after. I was really happy that I successfully was interviewed in Russian. Then she wrote this article (excerpt) За год в России он научился хорошо говорить по-русски, и перед каждой композицией на концерте озвучивает небольшие комментарии к ней. Большинство […]

I Haven’t Been Posting Cuz I’m Traveling Around Russia Playing Music/Teaching

It’s a pretty lame excuse and all, but at some point I sorta forgot this blog existed. And then I remembered but I was busy and I didn’t post anything. And then I had a good idea and started writing a post but then I had to leave on this current month long trip I’m […]