I Am The Judge Of A Poetry Contest

picture by Keith Birthday

I’m going to take this poem and I’m going to turn it into something else
probably something like a rock
or maybe an airplane
I’m going to take this rock or airplane
or poem
and turn it into a forest

I think that you’ll be impressed if I take this poem and turn it into something else
cause, if you see this poem not as a poem,
but as a rock
or an airplane
It’ll be better than a poem
cause I did something to it that made it something else

See, the actual idea is not to write a poem
and make you think of a rock or an airplane or a forest
It’s to tell you that it is
Why should you need to think that it’s anything else
than what I tell you?

This poem is not about a rock an airplane
a forest
It is those things
cause I told you
Who needs a poem when you already know what it is?

[I wrote this after I judged a poetry contest at a local university. I kept arguing with the other judges who kept giving points based on ‘presentation’ meaning things like costumes and acting and guitars and powerpoint presentations. The focus was removed from the poetry entirely and merely became a showcase of lower-than-average other talents of these Russian students. I was furious]


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