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I bought this record today; it is good

I went to Porchlight Coffee today to give my roommate her wallet, which she had forgotten. She made me a latte and after I drank the latte and read this week’s “Last Days”, I saw that there were records for sale in the coffee shop. I looked through a few records and found this record. […]

Went to the food bank today

I wasn’t scheduled to work so went to the food bank today (oh, now it’s yesterday). This was my second trip to the food bank and my first alone. My first trip was with my roommate, a food bank veteran. She had a meeting at nine and could not make it. I decided to forge […]


blog post turned story about a real life event. still consider it fiction, though. I was just about ready to leave when the pounding started on the door. Heavy, rhythmic, coupled with my name  shouted in a heavily affected Russian accent ‘БРЕНДАН’ (pound pound pound). I opened the door. Before me stood my downstairs neighbor, […]

An Excerpt From ‘Слякоть’

From my current project Siberia, a collection of essays, poems, songs, and photos. II. on the one hand I hate all the ice/slush my feet being wet but then there is some meltwater makes its way through icesheets carves a canyon or maybe a gorge also then the cacophony of slush so many wet bristles […]

Poland II: Plz Throw Bottles Out The Window/Whoa Foxes are Big/Smoking Krakow/’Conchume’/Kinda Don’t Want to Leave

part three in a surprisingly still continuing series by Keith Birthday. who knew he would have made it past part two? I wonder if people who lived in Europe this winter will tell their children/grandchildren about the ‘great blizzard of 2010’. Although it seemed like a relatively reasonable amount of snow to me/my travel companion […]

José Asked Me to Return the Favor and ‘Workshop’ One of His Poems

Something like a continuation of the past two posts where José and I ask each other to ‘workshop’ each other’s writing. Sort of like a bloggy circlejerk. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ from FIREWORKS Trading sips, water Tent blooms cloud And blue Powder and Floodlight Cars pass and stop sometimes Somebody gets out maybe With a kid “These are buy […]

Revisiting “Revisiting A Poem I Didn’t Really Like, but Read for a Russian Audience Anyway”

The following is a response, originally submitted via email, to Keith’s post about a poem he didn’t like anymore . He sent me an email saying that I should analyze the poem, write some thoughts regarding the poem, and then post my thoughts on the poem. I guess this is sort of like a workshop […]

Revisiting a Poem I Didn’t Really Like, but Read for a Russian Audience Anyway

I wrote this ‘poem’ on November eleventh, a few days after I had a party at my apartment: ‘If it weren’t so cold, we’d probably have an epidemic’ This party in my apartment has been fossilized cuz the bottles are still all over the floor and table the windowsill too like an image I can’t […]

Text messages I have received within the past week

“Um sure.” “Thanks, but I’ll have to decline. Next tome (sic) I invite you to an event we’ll travel there together.” “You doing okay dave?” “Forget it” “It is a okay david i was about to start laundry anyways” “As long as my bf doesn’t mind.” “Well don’t worry about it then. I should aim […]

I Visited Seattle Once When I Still Lived on the East Coast

It was a little more than year ago when I visited Seattle my friend Dan with the idea that I would write an article about it. The article didn’t get published. I decided to edit and post it, with added commentary from an older, wiser self currently residing in Seattle. It’s like I’m reviewing myself! […]