Monthly Archives: February 2010

Some of the greatest times I’ve never had (and the music that would have accompanied them)

Driving barefoot from Albuquerque to Santa Fe on a summer’s day, thunderheads in the distance (music: Richmond Fontaine, Thirteen Cities) Lying in the cab of a pickup truck with hs sweetheart as the sun sets on makeout point (music: Built to Spill, There’s Nothing Wrong With Love) Driving cross country through a midnight snowstorm (music: […]

Photos found when typing ‘.jpg’ into spotlight

I was looking for photos that may or may not have been lost in the great ibook meltdown of 2009. Specifically these pictures were taken by me a little more than a year ago when I first visited Seattle meaning to write an article about it, a travel narrative. That didn’t work out; the article […]

Olympics/Thoughts on Versions of ‘We Are The Champions’ as Covered by Various Ethnic Groups Within Russia

Been watching a lot of Olympics lately. Had my TV fixed/a new antenna installed on the roof just so I could watch them. I think the Olympics are seen as the friendliest way of competition between the nations of the world without ‘shooting things at each other’ or ‘blowing stuff up’. Generally, it seems like […]

An interview with mythical third founder of Rub Paw Press / poet / student Drew Kalbach

Drew Charles Kalbach is a poet and student. I had a class with him my last semester at School, with the teacher I shared with Jackee. This, however, was a different class, one not attended by Jackee. But Jackee and Drew knew each other; she would talk about him to me. When she talked about […]

An article tenuously related to the keywords ‘prayer’ and ‘music’

Lately I have been experimenting with alternative methods of income generation. In one of these experiments, I contacted a gentleman (via Craigslist) who needed writers for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In this case, SEO meant writing articles tenuously related to their purported subject for the purpose of directing people to sites and gaining ad revenue. […]

h8 u Ezjet (Easyjet)

I am a tolerant traveler. I never ‘get angry’ when planes are delayed in order to ‘score free tix’. I think that’s unethical. I can deal with a lot when it comes to being inconvenienced in order to fly somewhere on the cheap. but I hate EasyJet. I have flown them twice now (one round […]

Introducing the Seattle Show / Fun Stuff Calendar

Do you live in Seattle and sometimes feel disconnected from the other people who live in Seattle all around you? This happens to me sometimes, sitting in my chair in front of the computer alone in my room on a Friday night wondering what I am going to do with myself and in the end […]

Reasons I am searching for a job despite depression

I should probably be spending less time on the Internet In September my roommate quit his job and went to Scotland. He came back and didn’t look for work. He started looking for a job a month ago and now he has a job. I have been looking for the past three months. Wow. I […]

Berlin I: This Club is Legend/Disappointing Music/Grrrlz on E?

This is the first part in a (hopefully) ongoing series in which Keith Birthday will recount some of the more interesting moments of his recent travels through Europe. We had put on our ‘best threads’. We expected to stand in line; he had heard so much about this ‘awesome warehouse club’ and how it was […]

Reasons I am quitting my job in the middle of an economic depression

Because I’ve always wanted to try crystal meth Because 30K with benefits really isn’t that great Because my mom makes really good meatloaf on Wednesdays Because fuck high school reunions, anyway Because I don’t drink enough Because I am an artist (ie. spoiled yuppie scumbag with a college degree) Because I’d rather pay out of […]