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That’s the RWB

so much depends upon a red wheel barrow glazed with rain water beside the white chickens. (William Carlos Williams via UPenn) Advertisements

A Note To Potential Employers // Exploratory Remarks RE: “Internet Culture”

To Whom It May Concern, If you are a hiring manager or human resources person who received a resume from José Díaz, you may also have been directed to this site. I have linked you to Rub Paw Press because I feel that it is the best example of what I have to offer as […]

The Blog That I Contribute To Is Back With A New Interface

McJawn has revamped their splash page with a sweet pic of Philly. It’s pretty! The tall one on the left has since been completed. It features a blog, a video blog, and two issues of a digital magazine. The front page of the blog is still entirely populated by my posts. Anyway, if you live […]

Brad Pitt Probably Not Sighted in Central District

According to my roommate there was a large crowd around 18th and Cherry today.  She passed them on the way to the photo lab and on the way back. On the way back she saw someone come out of Swedish Medical Center and say, “has anyone seen Brad Pitt yet?” No one had. People manning […]

Live At Rainy Dawg Radio Vol. 2 (a Review)

I went to see Tiny Vipers last Friday. On the way out I saw that the table that I had seen empty was now staffed with bright eyed college folk—actually I heard someone call my name and looked to see my drummer tabling for his college radio station (check out “Genital Discourse”; also check out […]

Authorized Repost Of Drummer-Generated Facebook Content (Some Thoughts Regarding Female Vocalists)

I play in a band that has a drummer. Meet Nathan: Terrible Canyons of Static Nathan goes to College. He DJs a show on his college internet radio station called “Terrible Canyons of Static”. I see Nathan in places I don’t but should expect to see him. He wrote the following as a Facebook note. […]

Introducing AAron. The Part You’ve Been Waiting For.

So, ice sufficiently broken, I’m going to tell you about myself now. It’s 20X, and I feel good.  More than good, I feel comfortable enough to say I have I career.  I am a writer. I grew a Hemingway-esque beard. I bought this Thesaurus: Amazon says, “the imagery of Bartlett’s quotations adds breadth and depth […]

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An Interview With A Guy Who Plays In Some Famous Bands

I met Eric through Keith on a South Philadelphia roof deck. My first impression of him was, “wow, he plays with famous people”. Like this guy: He also seemed to have a cool / easy job, sorting records or something like that. He also had toured the world with Adrian Belew (see above). He played […]