Monthly Archives: December 2009

An Interview With A Girl I Met On OkCupid

I met this girl on OkCupid. She lived in New York and leaving for her hometown and I was in Philadelphia and leaving for Seattle. She has asymmetrical moles on her cheeks and identifies as “American”. She claims to have laughed at Tao Lin in an American Apparel. When we first corresponded (via OkCupid), we […]

Men With Cake

This is Colin. Colin used to be my roommate but now I live in Seattle and he lives in  Kensington warehouse that has awesome shows and relevant drinking related events. Colin is a filmmaker. Colin has facepaint on his face because he and G— each painted the other’s face the night before. I woke up […]

Some Mustard And A Picture Of A Kitty

Above is a picture of mustard. Pictured are three varieties of homemade mustard sealed in mason jars sealed in a Ziploc bag. These are going in my checked baggage this Sunday. If you see a news story on Monday along the lines of Suspicious Canisters Discovered At Sea-Tac Turn Out To Be Filled With Savory […]

An Application

Yes I have. The service was very good (very friendly barista). I ordered a latte (to go) which was very good. I remember getting an order for two grande, no foam, non-fat, extra hot, triple decaf lattes in double to go cups with straws. The server called the order out from the restaurant—the  main response […]

To Whom It May Concern:

I am applying for the receptionist position as listed on Craigslist. I would like to further discuss the position with you. Attached is my resume. Currently I am seeking work in customer service. Whether it is taking an order from a server while answering the phone and taking a to-go order from a hurried coffee […]

And the Search Goes On…

Essential Bakery Cafe Bella (again) Seattle Coffee Works (again again) Tougo Coffee (I think that’s it; it’s on Nineteenth just North of where it hits Union) ~~~ Someone I know who is going back to the East Coast told me I should take her cafe job but it’s in Pinehurst. ~~~

I Lost My Job. Have You Seen It? (Part 2)

Seattle Coffee Works (again) Monorail Coffee Caffe Ladro (Queen Anne) Caffe Bella (I think that’s it; 5th and Taylor; told me she wasn’t sure but the boss would be around early the next day) [Some random cafe the name of which I do not remember on 5th] Zeitgeist (in person “follow up” but girl didn’t […]

Focus On: Rafael Díaz

This is my brother. My brother lives in the town where I grew up. He’s in a hardcore punk or whatever band called We Were Skeletons. He goes to school and drives a fifteen passenger van. I think he is less likely to ‘fail in life’ (in the eyes of my parents) because he is […]

A Failed Park

I was looking for jobs in Queen Anne today and came across this sign. I had stopped there because of how steep Queen Anne Avenue gets right around Roy. I was a little surprised to find that the lot of gravel and benches to my right had been “designed to be a community gathering place”. […]

I Lost My Job. Have You Seen It?

I looked for my job at the following places— Stumptown (Twelfth) Stumptown (Pine) Vivace (Broadway) Vivace (Broadway) Kaladi Brothers Presse Victrola (Pike) Victrola (Fifteenth) Uncle Elizabeth’s Cafe Vita Caffe Ladro (Pine) Caffe Ladro (First?) Caffe Ladro (Fifteenth) Seattle Coffee Works Chez Dominique Online Coffee Insomniax Coffee [Don’t remember the name but it’s down 11th, South […]