Monthly Archives: November 2009

I Went to See the Fiery Furnaces Last Night

This is a picture of Cryptacize. I saw them play in Philly almost a year ago. When I saw them play on South street I was so excited that I bought a CD and reviewed it that night. Here is a video of the first track of their album, Mythomania. It’s very good, and as […]

An Interview with a Girl I Made Out with and Has Since Dated Two of My Friends and Now Dates One of Them

I was going to do my first Chat with friend and artist Lauren Comito—while I was strying to get a hold of her, I saw that Maggie on gchat. I sent her a video chat invitation, which she accepted. She had on her glasses and new black hair. She told me that she was transferring […]

Show Tonight In Philadelphia. Somebody (or Several Bodies) Please Go in My Stead

My friend Marc (pictured on the right) is in a band called eat your birthdaycake. I think they will be the first band to succeed on the strength on their sweet, sweet EP/flyer graphic. Or at least they could (maybe should). His band is playing a show in Philly tonight that I obviously can’t attend. […]

Three Poems by Jackee Sadicario

                                                Monday, August 31, 2009 when you lock the front door not the storm door, the front one the first heavy door on the top, bolt it bolt, not the storm door, […]

I Found a Picture of Myself on the Internet

Last year I went to Philadelphia’s Punk Rock Flea Market—I was very hung over and had to go to work—Keith had driven me and his sister there before driving us to Temple’s dining hall for the breakfast buffet. It was very crowded, with a line to get in. I didn’t really have any money to […]

My Friend, the Artist

She finally has a website. On her website is a video, a work that she had told me about when I visted her sweatshop/warehouse (the next door is literally a sweatshop). Anyway, she pointed at the fabric scraps pinned on the wall and told me how she was going to animate still photos. They would […]

A Picture of a Flyer Advertizing a Show This Saturday

Tukwila Mockingbird Neigbors The Greatest Place Too Steel Horse Sat, Nov 14th 8 PM Sharp @ The Big House 13th & Mercer

I Have Two Shows This Weekend and You Should Go to Both of Them

I play bass in a band with these guys In the picture is a bassist who isn’t me—he played bass with this band before me but then did not. I think he made espresso machines for a living. I am playing my first show with them this Thursday, at the High Dive. Which if you […]

A Poem (or Two) About Drew Kalbach Derived From His (Selected) Tweets

I’m going to write a scathing review of your mom Why do so many europeans write about WWII, what are they so sad about, didn’t america fix everything? There is a cat that slept on our back porch the last two nights. he/she is not here yet. i feel abandoned. Pretty sure i have nothing […]