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Happy Halloween

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I Got Taken Off The Schedule Mixtape

I had more time than usual this week because I kinda sorta got dicked out of my shifts/soft fired/am now working on my resume and since I’m on the computer I can do this stuff. 1. Monolith The Beta Band 2. Parque Industrial Gilberto Gil, Caetano Veloso, Gal Costa [the above two are fragments. other […]


I recently posted this. Huh.

Some Thoughts

In the aftermath of “LINGATE 2k9”, my hits have dropped precipitously (see below) Though I Often Question Gorrillavsbear’s picks you should to to their site and listen to the song “Don’t Lie” by the Mantles. Unless you hate electric twelve string guitar. In which case, I don’t want to know you. (picture via) The Stranger’s […]


I recieved this in the mail today. I read it, realizing that I think what bothered me about the excerpt I had read was the (seeming) hyperbole in the conversation betwee Sam and Luis: “‘Should we kill ourselves now or start crying or punch ourselves in the nuts,’ said Luis”. I think the first part […]

Some Pictures

Thoughts on Tao Lin (for free stuff / ‘mad blog hits’)

Tao Lin is currently “flogging the shit out of” his new novella, Shoplifting from American Apparel. As part of this campaign, he’s offering “free shit” and “mad hits” (thanks to links from his site) to people who blog “>1500” words about him. This is going to be my attempt to blog 1500 words about Tao […]

Relevant Or Obvious?

About 3 hours ago maybe I was thinking of buying an ‘I Am Carles’ T-shirt. This way, I could be Carles or Tao Lin being Carles for Halloween. That’s funny.

An Idea I Stole From Deerhunter’s Blog

Heather Hunter Virtual 7″ 1. Heather Hunter 2. The Thing That I Said The Last Time

Halloween Costumes

Hipster Might need to drive the point home With a baking soda coke ‘stache. Alternate Costumes: Dov Charney: Dov Charney With American Apparel model: Dov Charney With Woody Allen: Was also thinking of going as Your Dad: I have a sweater, but I think I should also buy a pipe. Was thinking of being Carles: […]